Fly Me To Minami

Planning, Executive Producer: Yorihiko Kato
Director, Scriptwriter, Editor: Lim Kah Wai
Co-executive Producer: Masahiro Ihara, Katsunori Ura, Masayoshi Kinoshita
Producer: Hideki Kunugiyama, Lum Kah Wai
Co-Producer: Hiroaki Miki
Co-writer: Aki Itami
Character Design: Isao Takushoku
Cinematography: Tetsuhiro Kato
Art: Setsuko Shiokawa
Recording: Aya Yamashita
Costumes: Fuminori Usui
Make-up: Eri Kitakawa
Line Producer: Yusuke Tomonaga, Shinju Funabiki
Assistant Director: Akito Kajiya
Production: Cinema Drifters
Production, Distribution: Duckbill Entertainment
Year: 2013
Cast: Sherine Wong, Baek Seol Ah, Kenji Kohashi, Terunosuke Takezai, Miho Fujima, Tomomi Ishimura
Produced by: Fly Me To Minami LLP

This winter the story of two lovers who conquer differences in language and borders when destiny brings them together in Manami. Sherine is a beautiful, successful editor for a Hong Kong fashion magazine. Her boss assigns her to go to the Minami area of Osaka to cover the New Year celebrations there. She resists, but orders are orders. The cameraman who was originally hired suddenly is not able to work, so she reluctantly hires her translator’s younger brother, Tatsuya, for the assignment. But he’s not a professional cameraman. He’s still a university student searching for what he wants to do in life after school. Minami is at its busiest in the days running up to the New Year. While Sherine is working with this young near amateur photographer, both develop feelings for each other, in spite of their differences in age and experience. At the same time, Seol Ah, who is a flight attendant, flying between Seoul and Osaka, and also runs a shop selling fashion items she picks up on her trips, has a boy friend, Shinsuke. They met several years ago in Seoul where he was studying Korean. They continued their relationship even after he returned to Japan. The trouble is that he is now married and has a child. Where will these two difficult love stories lead...?

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  • 2015.3.23
    "Fly Me To Minami" DVD On-Demand now on sale!

    Available by popular demand on Amazon DOD (DVD ON DEMAND)!
    2 DVD set, with additional special footage
    Price: ¥3,780
  • 2015.2.1
    "Fly Me to Minami" will be released on DOD on Amazon.
    The release date and other details will be announced shortly.