TV animation series "Piano no Mori" ("Forest of Piano") starts!

"Piano no Mori", in which Duckbill Entertainment was involved in the development and production, starts broadcast on NHK General Tv on April 8, 2018.

The original story, created by Makoto Isshiki, debuted in 1998 and ran in Kodansha's Morning magazine until November 2015. It is a moving story of Kai Ichinose, who finds an old discarded piano in the forest and starts playing on it just for the fun of it. His natural talent, though, is discovered by Sousuke Ajino, himself at one time considered a genius pianist, and Shuhei Amamiya, whose father is a great pianist, and others who help him grow until he qualifies for the Chopin Competition.

Soma Saito as Kai and Junichi Suwabe as Ajino have been selected as main voice actors. The piano performance of Ajino is played by Kyohei Sorita and Ryoma Takagi plays as Shuhei.

Broadcast on Sunday evenings on NHK G TV
Each episode can also be seen on Netflix, the world's largest online entertainment service, from 3:00am the morning after the NHK broadcast.

Shinichiro Okumoto participates as an executive producer and Hideki Kunugiyama is a producer.

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Official Twitter: @piano_anime_tv
Available on Netflix.

"Piano no Mori"

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