Board Member

Board Member

Shin-ichiro Okumoto Chairman and Managing Director

After working for Sumitomo Electric Industries, Okumoto joined his family business, Okumoto Flour Million. He became President in 2002, whereupon he put in place management reforms. In 2009, in order to assure permanent prosperity of the company, he transferred management rights to Showa Sangyo. In May 2014, Okumoto acquired the majority of Duckbill Entertainment shares and became Chairperson of the group.

Hideki Kunugiyama Director

Working at a German apparel company, Mr. Kunugiyama was charged with marketing to and establishing new business opportunities in the Asian territories. At the time, he lived in Singapore. In 1995, he moved to Wiz, the toy development company in Tokyo, where he produced Tamagotchi, Digital Monsters, Pretty Cure, Legends and other hit animation properties. He has close relations around the world in both the animation and licensing industries.

Yorihiko Kato Director

Mr. Kato established Nikko Company Co., Ltd. (currently called GMO Nikko Co., Ltd. in 1995 and grew it into a major Internet player. In 2008, he sold his interests and moved to Singapore. Since then, he has been heavily involved in investing in and management of Japanese enterprises in Asia. Mr. Kato obtained permanent residency in Singapore in 2011. In 2013, he planned and was executive producer of “Fly Me to Minami”.

Tetsuo Koike Director

After working at Nomura Securities, Mr. Koike moved to Unison Capital, where specialized in private equity. In 2010, he moved to Singapore where he serves as consultant and M&A advisor to Japanese investors and companies who are looking to invest in Southeast Asia.